We are Future Energy, proudly serving the North East with fair and transparent pricing.
We are building a brighter, more innovative future for the region and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Switching is as easy as…

The Future Energy Affiliate Programme

Why we are doing it

As a North East based company, Future Energy is committed to supporting the communities in which it works. We believe that by offering your members/supporters the best energy tariff in the UK, and by paying you a referral fee for any members/supporters signed up, we will create a win-win opportunity.

How it works

Your organisation promotes the Affiliation Programme through your membership or supporters database. Members sign up to the switch, online or over the phone. Your organisation receives £20 per member who switches to the Future Energy-Connect tariff – just 25 members earns you £500. At the end of the promotional period your organisation will be rewarded with a cheque for the total amount raised.
Click here to download our Affiliate Programme.


We are recruiting for Customer Experience Advisers – If you have industry experience and want to join our company, please send us your CV to Info@future-energy.com